The second edition of the cycling safari, “Pedal to Jungle,” may be organized from November 29, 2018. The 3-day safari will see members pedal through 220 km of jungle terrain escorted by flora fauna specialists and wooded area officers.

The first “Pedal to Jungle” safari had 30 visible contributors. This time, the wooded area department has elevated the cap of participants to a hundred.

Rahul Bhatnagar, Chief Forest Conservator, said that members would want to be healthy for a venture this experience, and the woodland department will do a health test of contributors earlier than permitting. Only those who clean the test can be allowed to participate.

Rs 9000 can be charged in keeping with the individual to take part in the experience. From Baghdara Natural Park, the experience will pass through Jaisamand, Dhariyawad, Sitamata Sanctuary, and Dam Dama forest. Night Stays can be organized at Jaisamand Lake and other natural spots. Small trekking treks to Ruthi Rani Palace, Jagat temples, and similar locations will also be arranged. Campfires will be contained in the evenings.

Out of the 220km trek, 150km can be through off-road tracks, and 35km can be through the jungle without a path.

Going on a jungle safari is one of the first-class ways of grazing animals in their natural habitat. It’s a mile better to revel in than go to a zoo because the latter cages animals and does not allow them to be transported around. In a jungle, they’re extra at domestic, and you’ll have aaaugh time looking at them grazing around.

However, before you go on a jungle safari, there are many things you must keep in mind to ensure the highest-quality experience.

Pack in Your Binoculars and Camera

You cannot forget tto take our binoculars and a camera wh a jungle safari. Pack them for your backpack and ensure the Digicam’s batteries are charged. Taking a binocular with you will help you notice animals even though they will be some miles away from your jeep or safari bus.

Wear the Right Kind of Clothes

While going on a jungle safari, pack a fleece jacket, cargo pants, lightweight tees, and khaki shorts or pants. Wear cozy clothes in neutral colors like olive green or brown. Wearing bright faces might scare animals away, or they could attack you out of fear. You can also wear a hat or sunglasses to guard your eyes against the blazing sun.

Take Medication if You Have Allergies

Some human beings suffer from plant allergies, and if you are one of them, please take your drug treatments before you embark on the safari. If you may be going to a dense jungle, take mosquito-repelling gels with you and follow them liberally at the exposed regions of your frame. You can also bring a bottle of sunscreen lotion. Apply it on your arms, legs, and face every 3 to 4 hours to avoid sunburn.

Book Your Safari Early

Jungle safaris get booked early, and in case you don’t need to overlook it, reserve your tickets as quickly as you have deliberate the vacation. Suppose you plan to stay in a wooded area camp. In that case, you have to start your reservations early. Generally, confined, limited commands are available on a particular day. While making your reservation, ensure that the motel/camp you may be staying in has a primary resource package and a health practitioner on call.