New and unusual types of accommodation are stoning up daily inside the Kingdom, with one boutique resort in Siem Reap town offering the hazard of living in a cylindrical pipe bedroom.

Phy Sophos, the founder and father of Ring Boutique Hotel, is located one kilometer from the town’s famous Pub Street. He advised The Post that his resort offers a quirky experience for folks tired of conventional hotel rooms.

“Ring Boutique Hotel is a uniquely designed boutique resort in Siem Reap. To make your experience specific, we have built our rooms stylishly designed in the shape of a hoop, with a lovely mural overlaying the whole wall,” he says.

All 26 rooms – single, double, and circle of relatives rooms – are constructed with a rounded pipe proposing a mattress, a contemporary restroom, a small residing room, and an individual mural on the wall.

Siem Reap lodge

The call, he says, came to him at some point while searching at his arms.

“I didn’t need to name it Pipe Boutique or Drainage Boutique since the names have already been used in other resorts, or local humans didn’t like how low-elegance it sounded and would be embarrassed to tell their buddies and circle of relatives they have been staying right here. But in the future, even as I thought about the name, I twisted around my engagement ring and knew that it might be Ring Boutique,” he says.

Sophos, an English graduate from Norton University, ran as an English instructor before starting his lodge.

“In 2013, I notion approximately a stylish boutique that is precise from the others in the town. I wanted to make a dwelling area in a rounded form, any notion of building a pipe room. At that time, I didn’t see any service like this in Cambodia,” he says.

But lacking capital, it wasn’t until he got the backing of his uncle in 2015 that Sophos finally started operating his pipe motel. By then, he had competition from Kampong Speu province’s Virion Resort and Koh Rong’s The Pipes Resort.

“I did now not have to enjoy design, so my buddy helped design the pipe with a floor plan. My uncle agreed to present me a plot of land and invested cash,” the 35-12 months-vintage says.

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