Once notorious as Delhi’s largest supply of pollution, the shuttered Badarpur Thermal Power Station (BTPS) is set to be turned into a sprawling ecological park to offer its site visitors a risk to head on a jungle safari.

The upcoming eco-park is spread across 884 acres. Sixty-four acres may be one of the world’s biggest man-made parks, in step with the venture builders. “It goes to be even larger than New York’s Central Park. The eco-park is being completely built on an ash pond that resulted from the power plant’s operation spanning over 45 years,” said a spokesperson for NTPC Limited, which constructed and ran BTPS. NTPC has been tasked with creating the eco-park.

Before being completely closed on October 15, the energy plant provided 3,500 tonnes of fly ash monthly.

Flyash, a byproduct of thermal power stations, is a key aspect of unsafe PM 2. Five or exceptional particulates can be counted of diameter 2. Five micrometers or less, that’s blamed for air pollution. PM 2.5 particles are invisible to the bare eye and can be inhaled deep into the lungs, causing breathing and other illnesses.

According to NTPC officials, the maximum greening of the ash pond is already over. “Even as the final plan is yet to be drafted, the park will have a great green cowl and water reservoirs or lakes. Yoga centers, going for walks, and bicycle tracks will also be constructed,” a professional stated anonymously.

In an overview assembly held during the closing month, Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal recommended that the eco-park also offer safari rides to site visitors.

Accordingly, NTPC will examine a similar task launched by the Chhattisgarh government. Chhattisgarh recently constructed an artificial eco-park with safari rides.

“Officials are likely to go to the Nandanvan Jungle Safari in Chhattisgarh to understand the unique safaris it offers and the environment in which it needs to be constructed. The one in Raipur gives four safaris, including herbivores, bears, tigers, and lions. It is not likely that the exact version may be replicated in Delhi,” some other NTPC reliable said.

Building the eco-park takes time as NTPC is re-drafting a unique plan that involves constructing concrete structures inside the park. Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has discussed that the entire ash pond falls within the so-called ‘O’ zone, where no production pastime is allowed.

“NTPC had written to the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) for permission to use the plan. However, we wrote to them again that the DDA does not need to provide any approval. The eco-park will be authorized by way of the major committee of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) and the land-owning company, which also includes the Land and Development Office (L&DO),” said an official of the DDA on the situation of anonymity.

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