Millets in Southport city center is set to be transformed into a new GO Outdoors save.

Located on Tulketh Street, Millet’s components doors clothing, shoes, and tenting gear to customers across the location.

Concerns were raised in advance earlier in the week, while fake reports emerged on a line about the store being shut for precise.

But even as the Millets Save could have a remaining down clearance sale with loads of bargains, its closure isn’t all that it seems.

GO Outdoors, the United Kingdom’s largest outdoor retailer was offered in 2017 via JD Sports Fashion PLC, which also owns Blacks, Millets, Ultimate Outdoors, and Tiso. GO Outdoors is collectively called JD Outdoors.

Due to this, they have decided to convert the famous Southport keep from a Millets to a GO Outdoors save, offering clients a new, re-geared-up store and a much wider variety of products, sports, and brands.

GO Outdoors has also confirmed that the store may have a remaining clearance sale and might be closed quickly while it is refurbished and re-branded as GO Outdoors.

Carly Czuba, Marketing Director of JD Outdoors, stated: “We are extremely joyful to announce the conversion of the Millets in Southport to a brand new GO Outdoors keep.

“The Southport store is flawlessly positioned inside the city center, allowing residents to access the terrific brands and merchandise that we promote at GO Outdoors.”

GO Outdoors, based in Sheffield, changed its name in 1998 and now brings 250 outdoor brands across nine extraordinary sports under one roof.

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