Connie Chung loves tech, and she or he loves to tour. And in 11 years at Expedia Group, the Bellevue, Wash.-based journey generation employer, she’s gotten to mix each.

Chung, our latest Geek of the Week, is a senior director of product at Egencia, the commercial enterprise journey brand within Expedia.

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A native Seattleite, Chung stuck the tech computer virus from her dad, a “brilliant geek,” as she calls him, who owned a computer keep lower back inside the 1980s and ’90s — before you could purchase a pc online.

“As an infant, I helped bring together loads of computer systems in his store for amusing,” Chung stated. “He’s a big motive why I was given an engineering degree from the University of Virginia (pass Hoos!).”

At Egencia, Chung is trying to capture the ample possibility to innovate within the journey space.

“Travel and reserving tour will continue to conform as era advances,” she said. “An easy instance of ways we’re making it less complicated for our customers to ebook tour is by the use of system learning to offer personalized search outcomes. We want to make your top search outcomes the maximum applicable for you so that you don’t ought to spend extra time filtering, sorting, and studying.”

And if she dropped everything and looked for her personal holiday to have fun being a Geek of the Week?

“I would love an excuse to take a ‘commercial enterprise experience’ somewhere warm and beachy, like the Greek islands!” Chung said.

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What do you do, and why do you do it? I am a Senior Director of Product at Egencia, the business tour emblem inside Expedia Group. My task is to supply the first-class product to shop organizations cash and keep enterprise vacationers glad. Booking a work journey has to be as smooth as reserving a journey for your private holiday. My duties include our business intelligence and information merchandise, alongside customer support products. I love fixing large, complicated troubles and sense energized after I can spoil huge troubles into smaller, workable movements. I often see people freeze while a problem seems too overwhelming. I encourage my group to have a bias for motion and to begin shifting. Sometimes you could make an incorrect decision, but that’s OK. You can research from one’s errors and pivot fast.

What’s the single most essential thing humans have to realize approximately your subject? A wide variety of stakeholders gift answers to product managers. We have to realize how to ask the right questions and steer the conversation to determine the hassle to solve for the purchaser. Once you’ve described the actual hassle you need to resolve, you frequently emerge with a wholly special solution. The first-class product managers can integrate strong technical competencies and business savvy with strategic vision and a heavy dose of emotional intelligence.