By Ramesh Marulkar;

A ground fire broke out in the Gorewada jungle from a lakeside area (Corporation gate). It quickly unfolded around 30 hectares on Saturday nighttime, lowering valuable timber and grassland to ashes. According to reliable assets, fireplace watchers noticed a fire inside the jungle close to Gorewada village at 5.15 pm. Upon getting information, Nandkishor Kale, Divisional Manager, Gorewada undertaking, H V Madbhushi, Assistant Conservator of Forest, Pandurang Pakhale, Range Forest Officer, rescue team, a field team of workers of Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra, and guides rushed toward the spot. The workforce of around 30 persons tried to extinguish the surging fire with the assist air blowers.

They added the hearth beneath and manipulated it after two hours. Sources informed that young, untamed animals should have been tormented by the pad while courses, Gypsy drivers, and vacationers during a nighttime jungle safari suddenly observed a leopardess, her cub, and herbivores strolling to safer locations after they reached far, far away from the spot.

After realizing the heart incident, the officers stopped permitting any automobile to enter the park. The guides/drivers on a nighttime jungle safari with travelers additionally reduce the short trip, sensing a chance. When contacted, Nandkishor Kale said some anti-social factors must have kindled the fire. He added that the workforce will investigate the affected area and harm on Sunday as they couldn’t accomplish that due to low visibility today. It may be noted here that repeated artificial fires occurred in Gorewada more than one month ago.

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