Budget communication at Monday’s City Council assembly in Billings released a discussion of the relative merits of slicing services and increasing prices as ways to lower the city’s reliance on its reserves this economic 12 months.

City departments have supplied their proposed budgets for the coming yr to the metropolis council all month, and most anticipate spending more these 12 months than the ultimate year.



Some of those increases imply the metropolis will probably want to dip into its reserves as a good way to balance its budget, a pass that makes a few council members fearful.

“We’re simply quick and taking place fast,” said council member Roy Neese.

He became the question to the council, pronouncing he favored finances that didn’t dip into reserves and puzzled aloud if there has been a way to do this.

It sparked a robust, 30-minute discussion on creating cuts to shore up a price range instead of increasing fees and fines to cover a shortfall.

“I might as a substitute attempt to go for a mill levy than start laying off a gaggle of policemen and firefighters,” stated council member Shaun Brown.

Council members have previously mentioned possibly going after a public protection mill levy. Billings finally located a public protection mill levy on the poll in 2014, and a fifty-one .5 defeated it by a 48—five% margin.

Brown and different council individuals are hopeful that through open communication with the general public and smart campaigning, the council could make its case for another mill levy.

Looking at the finances, Mayor Bill Cole said a public safety mill levy was a “mathematical inevitability.” He said if the city pursues that route, revealing where the council has made cuts would be essential.

Making cuts “gives the town credibility with the citizens,” he stated.

Billings has nearly $15 million in reserves. That’s about $2 million greater than the 29% of its preferred fund finances required with the aid of town coverage. Those reserves are kept for emergencies and to assist it in preserving a high bond credit score score, which lets the city borrow money at a decreased hobby charge.

On the pinnacle of that $15 million, Billings additionally keeps what’s referred to as unobligated reserves, which it may use to shore up its finances at some point in years when expenditures outstrip sales.

Last yr, the city had reachable approximately $16 million in unobligated reserves; presently, staff has proposed the town use roughly $14 million to stabilize the price range.

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