In Kailua, the sand is gentle and white. The water is clear and calm.

There are many reasons why Kailua Beach Park, on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, appears at the top of a new listing of fine seashores in the United States.

Stephen Leatherman has been making an every-year listing of the nice beaches underneath the “Dr. Beach” call since 1991.

Leatherman is a coastal scientist and professor at Florida International University in Miami. He uses 50 standards to price beaches, with the most crucial problems being water cleanliness, safety, and management of the seaside surroundings and offerings for site visitors.

Leatherman frequently fees Hawaiian beaches excessively at the listing

“I love Waikiki Beach. No question about that – a globally famous seashore – however, Kailua is a lot smaller and quieter,” he informed the Associated Press. “It’s a lot extra peaceful… you don’t have huge excessive rises and all that. Kailua is on the other side of the mountains. It’s like a distinct world.”

From California, Vari Singh and her family spent a day at Kailua Beach.

“The shade of the ocean is something we’ve never seen earlier. The sand is notably gentle and a laugh to play with. It makes appropriate sandcastles,” she stated.

Braden Marquez grew up in Kailua. The 18-year-old stated he’s concerned about overcrowding but additionally hopeful about the future of his place of birth.

The brand new list is Ocracoke Lifeguarded Beach on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, observed using Grayton Beach State Park in Florida. They were second and 0.33 on the list, respectively.

Leatherman says his goal in making a list each year is to recognize super, secure seashores that balance nature easily to getting admission to and amenities. He hopes seashores that have yet to appear at the listing will make changes for higher revel in and more healthy coastal surroundings.

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