It’s no longer every day that an opportunity to travel the world comes alongside, so evidently, the new Travel Guides critics jumped on the threat.
Though their travel styles don’t continually mesh, these six companies of Aussies are taking up the venture (or privilege, as some may also say) with unabashed pleasure, a few cultural confusion, and a hearty dose of snickers.
On Travel Guides* Australia 2019, we see old favorites just like the Fren circle of relatives make their grand return, plus the appearance of recent couple Dee and Sage.

Meet the cast of Travel Guides 2019 1

From minor meltdowns to most important mishaps, there’s never a stupid moment for the Fren family from Newcastle, NSW. In season one of the Aussie tour display, Mark, Cathy, Jonathon, and Victoria have been compared to the fictional Griswold family from the National Lampoon movie series. (Image: Channel Nine)

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